Virtual Personal (virtualpersonal) wrote in spn_harlequin,
Virtual Personal

Yuletide Auction 1/? [NC-17] Sam/Dean

Title: Yuletide Auction
Authors: Cas (virtualpersonal) & brimstonegold
Pairing and characters: Sam/Dean (AU, not bros)
Ratings/Warnings: NC 17

 photo yuletide banner square tiny_zpsuxmoa4ut.jpg

Summary: The yearly Yuletide auction provides buyers with a month of companionship. Those who volunteer to be auctioned receive ample compensation to make their dreams come true. Dean is wealthy, handsome and a Duke to boot. Having won Sam Wesson at auction, he has no idea what possible complaint the strapping, sometimes disgruntled young man he’s won, harbors against him. Historical romance. Trouser-ripper. Christmas fic.

Chapter 1
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